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York City & County Bank

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York City & County Bank


This illustration is taken from The Builder, 23rd June, 1900. It shows the design by Messrs Demaine & Brierley, architects, for the frontage of York City & County Banking Coy. Limited in King Street, completed in 1899.

The magazine states: "The key plan shows the arrangement of the ground floor, and on the upper floors is a manager's house. The whole building is cellared; one-half for the bank and the other for the house, with separate staircases. The floors are of fireproof construction. The front is built of 2in. thick red Bracknell bricks, with Gazey stone dressings and green Westmoreland slated roof. The banking-room fittings are of mahogany and the walls are panelled 7ft. high with painted white dado, with mahogany doors. The ceiling is modelled in plaster by Mr Bankart.

"The work has been carried out by Messrs Biscomb & Bellerby, of York. Messrs Cribb & Co, of Leeds, supplied the fittings; and Mr T. Carse acted as clerk of works."

The building is currently the town's library, and a careful inspection of the facade above the ground floor windows shows the position of the fixtures for the original lettering, so that the wording can be deciphered.

Article By Mike Wilson

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York City & County Bank

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