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World-famous Strongman Trained in Bridlington

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World-famous Strongman Trained in Bridlington

An achievement by a man who made a name for himself world-wide in the early 1900s is now practically unnoticed in Bridlington. George Fiursdale Jowett had been born in Bradford, two days before Christmas day in 1891.

George unfortunately fell from his mother's lap and hit a pair of fireplace irons. He was not a year old. He was critically injured and was in hospital several times over the next few years. His parents were told he would never walk again. They even said it would be unlikely he would reach 15 years of age.

Young George was later taken to see Eugen Sandow give one of his exhibitions, Eugen at the time being "the man with the perfect body." He too had been diagnosed with a fatal illness, but Sandow had inspired many youngsters to take on the life of a strongman.

George was similarly taken with Sandow's method, and at 11 years old he was training at the Old Navy Hall in Bridlington, the family having moved here.

At 18, George was a champion gymnast and he won several boxing and weight-lifting titles. He was named "Best Developed Man in England," later becoming "Most Perfectly Developed Man."

At 19, George was in Canada seeking to be a professional strongman. He married in 1913 and had a daughter in 1916.

He won over 300 medals, eventually opening an office in New York. He went into mail order and sold books showing his method for 25 cents, going on to sell over 25 million copies.

In the 30s, he ran five corporations, having world-wide offices. His students included the famous Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller, and the cowboy Tom Mix.

George Jowett's book "Molding a Mighty Back" is available on Amazon Books.

Article By Mike Wilson

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World-famous Strongman Trained in Bridlington

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