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Sands Cottage Estate, 1920

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Sands Cottage Estate, 1920

From The Building News, No. 3424, 20th August, 1920



This Yorkshire building enterprise is in the hands of a private synndicate, and the site comprises thirty-six acres situate about a mile to the north of Bridlington, on the Flamborough Road. The homes are standardised, and fifteen different classes of dwellings are included. Reinforced concrete will be employed throughout. The chalk shingle and sand on the property is available from the foreshore free of charge.

The proprietors do not impose the particular designs which have been adopted on any intending purchaser, as land will be available for the erection of different types and houses of a special architectural treatment if required to meet special cases.

The largest number of houses of one plan set down in the schedule is eighty-five of type E. These have entrance hall 16ft. 9in. by 9ft. 3in., dining-room 14ft. by 13ft. 9in., drawing-room 13ft. 9in. by 11ft. 3in., kitchen 11ft. 6in. by 11ft. 3in., and offices, with four bedrooms,, bathroom and w.c. upstairs.

Forty-three houses of type F, of about the same accommodation. Type G is to be repeated thirty-five times, and these are similar in size. There are to be twenty-five houses of type D "parlour plans," with bathroom on the ground floor and four bedrooms above.

Two houses of type K have five bedrooms. Types A and B only have three berooms. The roofs throughout are flat.

The bird's eye view given shows the lay-out of the estate. A hydro in the main centre is to be built, and a church, to the north-east of Bayswater.

The architects are Messrs. C. I. Waite, F.G.S., and E. Vaux, M.S.A., of Bridlington, and Mr J. R. Earnshaw, architect, acting jointly for the development of the estate.

Article By Mike Wilson

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Sands Cottage Estate, 1920

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