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Prince's Parade: New Pavilion and Shops

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Prince's Parade: New Pavilion and Shops

From: The Building News, 4th September, 1903


The Corporation of Bridlington propose extending the Princes' Parade northwards and erecting thereon a new pavilion to accommodate about 2,000 persons. The buiding is octagonal, and has a raised gallery internally on the western side facing the sea. It is inclosed all round.

Three sides are glazed, and there are four entrances, each provided with swing doors. 

The roof is largely constructed of wrought iron with rough plate glass, and in the centre of the roof there is a large dome 57ft. by 45ft., constructed of wrought iron principles resting upon an octagonal lattice girder supported by a cast iron column having ornamental cap, the dome being surmounted by an octagon lantern light prepared for ventilation.

An open verandah, 6ft. wide, with glass roof, runs round three sides of the pavilion, and the floor of the pavilion is laid (where not appropriated by raised gallery) with wood-block paving, and contains a raised platform capable of holding forty musicians. 

On the north side of the pavilion are four bijou shops, and on the south side provision is made for one bijou shop and a refreshment room 35ft. by 34ft., with kitchen and lavatories for assistants.

The roof over refreshment room and shop is flat, formed with concrete and Val de Travers asphalte, so that it can be utilised for refreshment, and is approached from the refreshment room by a staircase.

Messrs. Mangnall and Littlewoods are the architects. 

Article By Mike Wilson 

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Prince's Parade: New Pavilion and Shops

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