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Disability Bike Hire

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Disability Bike Hire

Disability Bike Hire from Foreshores 

Aimed at people with disabilities, their families and their carers, this scheme offers adapted bikes, safe cycle routes along the North Promenade, organised rides and a chance for people to take part with their families, friends and carers.

The maximum booking will be one hour of cycling time, though two-hour slots will be allocated, to allow time for training and familiarisation with the bike.

Prices for 2018 are. Please note the prices may change so please contact Foreshores for up to date pricing 

Individual 1 cycle £2.50 £10 refundable deposit 
Family up to 4 cycles  £5.00 £20 refundable deposit 

You can view photos of the different types of disability bikes available to hire in the document below:

How to book
Bikes must be booked in advance. You can make a booking the following ways:

You can telephone the council’s Bridlington South Foreshores office on:

Tel: (01262) 678255

In person
You can visit the the office on Princess Mary Promenade in person. 


Facilities Include

Disability Bike Hire

Bringing Bridlington Information to You

Contact Details

Telephone: 01262 678255
Postcode: YO15 2QQ

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