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Bridlington Priory Chancel

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Bridlington Priory Chancel

It will be seen that the Chancel extends the full length of three bays, and that the arcading is filled in with oak parclose screens in the Gothic style. The Choir Stalls, three tiers on each side, are solidly built in English oak, and are gracefully surmounted by carved figures, representing angels, with wings uplifted, each playing a different musical instrument.

The Priest's Stall on the North side has an interesting standard with a rebus of Sub-Prior Peter Hardy; note the cross keys, and the shield bearing the name. Similarly, the Rector's Stall has a standard of the Prior's Stall bearing a rebus of Prior John Hampton, 1510. The rebus shows St. John standing on a barrel or tun, and around his feet is a scroll bearing the word "Hamp". These two Stalls are exact reproductions (carved by the late Robert Thompson of Kilbum) of the original standards which were carved in 1519 and erected during the Priorate of John Hampton.

The great brass Lectern is a fine example of nineteenth century craftsmanship. The Litany Desk with its carved figures, in an attitude of prayer, and carved tracery superbly combines beauty and dignity.

Bridlington Priory written by the late John. W. Lamb, M.A., Ph.D.

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Bridlington Priory Chancel

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