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Bridlington Grammar School

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Bridlington Grammar School

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Bridlington Grammar School

This school, which was opened in 1899, provided accommodation for a hundred boys, thirty of whom were boarders, with the head-master's house at the south end of the building. The part then erected ended northward with the central hall.

The plans were designed for extension on a modest scale, but the success of the school soon necessitated extension northward on a much larger scale than was previously anticipated; consequently the plan is less concentrated than would otherwise have been the case.

The hall, which rises through the two storeys of the building, is surrounded by classrooms, over which are dormitories. The additions which have been completed this year include further class-rooms, extension of the boarding accommodation, and a detached building for science and art teaching.

The plan shows the central part illustrated by the photograph.

The buildings were designed by Mr John Bilson, of Hull.

This prospectus for Bridlington School was published probably in the Thirties, as many of the masters listed where still there when I started school in 1948. 

It relates the History of the School as follows: The date of the Foundation of the School is unknown; in the reign of Henry VI there was, attached to the Priory, a school to which the origin of the Grammar School can probably be ascribed. Two hundred years later, in 1636, W. Hustler, an inhabitant of Bridlington, charged his estates in the North Riding with an annual payment of £40 in favour of the Grammar School, and this still forms part of the endowment. In 1894 the School was re-established under a scheme of the Charity Commissioners whereby various charitable funds were made available for new school buildings. The East Riding Council, the Bridlington Borough Council, and the Lords Feoffees of the Manor of Bridlington also gave substantial help.

Article By Mike Wilson 

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Bridlington Grammar School

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