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Bridlington Floral Hall Fire

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Bridlington Floral Hall Fire

The Floral Hall on Flamborough Road basking in the sun. But . . . in 1923 . . .

this fire destroyed the Hall. The smoke is drifting north towards Trinity Church . . . 

. . . which is just discernible in the background. The notice to the front left is for Trown & Tooths Alexandra Garage.

George Robey, the famous Scottish comedian, was due to appear the next day. Imagine the headline: "Scottish comedian gets hot reception." I know he usually brought the house down, but he certainly wasn't expecting this.

Sunday shows were not common at that time, and it was thought that no good would come of this entertainment on the Sabbath. But I am sure that the two aspects - the fire and a Sunday show - were totally unrelated. 

In the first fire picture there are notice-boards along the right-hand side of the building. However, by the time the second fire photograph was taken they have disappeared. Were they removed as a safety precaution? 

Article By Mike Wilson 

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Bridlington Floral Hall Fire

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