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Barmston Beach

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Barmston Beach

Barmston beach is a wonderful stretch of beach which people walk to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

The flat beach is ideal for watching seabirds on the wing and during the summer the low clay cliffs are home to sand martins which can be seen flying in and out of the cliffs where they nest.

It is situated on the Holderness coast, overlooking the North Sea and to the east of the A165 road. Barmston is approximately 6 miles (9.7 km) south of Bridlington town centre. Together with Fraisthorpe it forms the civil parish of Barmston and Fraisthorpe.

The parish church of All Saints is a Grade I listed building. Barmston public house is the Black Bull. The Old Hall was designated in 1952 by English Heritage as a Grade II* listed building.

A key industry in the village is tourism and there is a caravan park located on former agricultural land near the beach. The cliffs are made of soft marl clay and are subject to erosion. Numerous properties have been demolished over the years to prevent them from falling into the sea, including a village shop, fish and chip shop, cafeteria and amusement arcade.

The position of a road leading down to the beach (long since lost to the sea) is clearly visible. The road still exists to the clifftop, which is blocked off by a barrier, and the rocks that supported the slope are still visible at low tide, giving an indication of how far the cliff has eroded. 

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Barmston Beach

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